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13 June 2020: Indoor climbing

Walls are for climbing so sign up early for our first ever indoor climbing event on Saturday 13 June between 9.00am and 3.00pm at Calshot Activity Centre. 


Teams of 6 – 8 will complete the challenge of climbing as high as they can in four hours.

Team members will be attached to an auto belay and have 20 minutes to climb the 8.5m wall as many times as they can. You will keep going until the time runs out…


This is not a competition - but you can motivate each other by challenging team mates to climb higher than the other teams taking part.

Can you reach the height of:

170m Spinnaker Tower 20 climbs

443m       Empire State Building  52 climbs

1085m Snowdon         127 climbs

1345m Ben Nevis … 158 climbs


Team registration fee: £115

Fundraising target: £150 per person



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