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Sisters aim to run 1,000 miles this year

Two sisters aim to run 1,000 miles each in 2019 to raise money for Southampton Hospital Charity.

Jen and Jessy Ayling set themselves 18 months of gruelling running events and have already notched up 137 miles (amount of miles in races so far), which they completed last year.

They started their fundraising after the father of Jessy’s daughter’s friend was treated for a bleed on the brain at University Hospital Southampton.

They say that the medical staff there saved his life and that 10 months later he is back at work again.

But Jen, 33, and Jessy, 36, say that while the facility is great, it could do with more money to improve and enhance the unit he was treated in.

Jessy, a mother of three from Fleet, Hants., said: “My younger sister started me off running after the birth of Abigail nearly 3 years ago.

“She persuaded me to do a 10k and my whole body hurt so much during and after that race I didn’t talk to her afterwards,” she joked.

“But seriously, I completed more runs with her after that we are now both members of a running club. I train every day by running to the school to pick my two older children up and bring Abigail my two year old in a running buggy, which allows me to run.

“I even take a longer route to make sure I run enough to keep fit.”

Jen, an engagement manager for a healthcare firm who lives in Streatham, south west London, added: “It is great to be able to focus on doing this to really help Southampton Hospital Charity. The staff at the hospital are so great and saved our friend’s life so we really want to help.

“We ran eight events  in 2018 and are now aiming to run a marathon a month as well as smaller 5k and 10k runs to raise £2,000.

“I would say to anyone seeking to do long distance running, such as 5 and 10k’s or half and full marathons, to raise money for a charity as it helps to motivate you.

“It is such a motivation to get you to go out and train and to keep running as you have committed to raise money for a good cause. It is so worthwhile.

“Southampton Hospital Charity is a great charity and it is wonderful to be able to raise money to really help people.”

So far Jen and Jessy have run (Fleet half marathon, Hook 10k, The Hurt half marathon in Surrey, Down tow Up flow half marathon, Maidenhead half marathon, Bournemouth marathon, Thames Meander and Portsmouth Coastal and intend to run the Thames Meander marathon again this year, The Hoppit marathon, New Forest marathon, Abingdon marathon, Walton Thames marathon and the Southampton marathon.

They are constantly searching out runs and try to fit them around school holiday time to make it easier for Jessy to take part.

Judith Stephens, Events and Community Fundraising Manager at Southampton Hospital Charity, said: “It is lovely to hear how dedicated Jen and Jessy are and I wish them all the best for their running in 2019. They are really inspiring and all of us at Southampton Hospital Charity would like to thank them for all they are doing to help.”

If you would like to register to run Southampton marathon for Southampton Hospital Charity or take part in other events to raise money then call us on 023 8120 8881 for further details.

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