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Staff only - Grants available for patient benefit

Around 500 members of staff take part every month in the Southampton Hospital Charity lottery for only £1 a week. While 50% of this cost is given out in prize money, the remaining money is available for bids annually from Southampton Hospital Charity to fund those smaller projects that will benefit patients. 

This year we have £20,000 in grant money to allocate to our staff.
**Please note that grants can only be made by UHS staff. All other applications will not be considered.**
Applications can be made from 1 May 2018 until 31 May 2018. To make an application, the project must adhere to and demonstrate the following criteria:
  • the project is for the benefit of NHS patients at UHS.
  • the project must be to enhance an existing UHS service. 
Grant total: £20,000 
Example allocation: 2 x £5k, 2 x £2.5k, 5 x £1k (please feel free to bid for any amount)
Bid process and criteria
Lottery grants application form 2018
Please contact Suzie Simmons or Beth Hall for more information on ext: 8881 or

Bid process and criteria 2018 lottery application form 2018

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