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Fundraising toolkit

If you are looking for tools and resources to help you with your fundraising then you are in the right place!  Whatever you’ve got planned, everything you need to start your fundraising is right here, including downloadable materials, how to guides and tips on publicising your event.  

Our brand guidelines

This page has been split into Southampton Hospital Charity and Southampton Children's Hospital Charity branded materials. Southampton Children's Hospital Charity is a sub brand of Southampton Hospital Charity (1051543). In the boxes at the bottom of this page you will find poster templates and downloadable games, plus much more!

Information on how to pay in any money raised can be found here:


Fundraising toolkit

To make life a little easier, we've created a toolkit to help you build your fundraising event for Southampton Hospital Charity.


Additional fundraising toolkit information specifically for our Southampton Children's Hospital Charity can be found below.