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Cancer care

The Southampton oncology unit is one of only 12 regional cancer centres in the UK, serving a population of around 1.7million people.

Cancer care is one of the Trust's key services. We are developing as a global centre of excellence and treating more and more patients from outside the Wessex area. The centre is renowned for excellent cancer treatment and specialises in breast cancer; gynaecological cancers; lymphoma – a cancer that affects white blood cells and the immune system; melanoma – a malignant tumour normally found on the skin; sarcoma – cancer of connective or supportive tissue such as bone, cartilage, muscle; testicular cancer.

It also treats all other kinds of cancer, including: brain cancers; gastro-intestinal cancer; head and neck cancer; leukaemia; lung cancer; myeloma; urological cancer.

The unit is a leader in cancer research and treatment development. Up to 500 patients each year take part in national and international trials, giving them access to new drugs before they become widely available.

To make a donation to support our cancer care services, please call the fundraising team on 023 8120 8881, or alternatively you can make an online donation below, please reference the ward or department you wish you donation to benefit. Thank you.