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Special occasion gifts

Heart bride and groomA unique way to mark that special occasion in your life, and support the ward or department that is close to you at Southampton General Hospital or the Princess Anne Hospital.

You may wish to donate to Southampton Hospital Charity as an alternative gift for a birthday, engagement, wedding or anniversary. Or perhaps to mark the birth of a baby, a christening, graduation or retirement. 
Your donation could help us to fund specialist medical equipment as well as enhancing the hospital environment to ensure that the very best care is provided to our patients and their families.
Nick and Marie-Louise Stack

Nick and Marie-Louise Stack's story...

“We decided to ask for donations for the hospital charity in memory of our nephew rather than wedding gifts.

William, only 20 months old, passed away six months before we were due to be married so it seemed a fitting tribute to him. William and his brothers had spent many months being cared for at both the Princess Anne and Southampton General Hospital.

The staff do a truly amazing job every day caring for and supporting not only the children but their families as well so we wanted to give something back to the hospital.”

Amelia and Sam Quirke wedding

Sam and Amelia Quirke's story...

Ameila comments: “In May 2014 I was diagnosed with congenital heart disease.  I've always known that I had a heart murmur, and was told it was nothing to worry about, but over the years the unusual blood flow caused a membrane to grow around the opening to my aortic valve. This membrane grew bigger and bigger until it started causing me problems.

I thought I was just unfit. I felt breathless and tired all the time, and would often get dizzy or have chest pains. I had all kinds of tests and examinations until doctors at Southampton General Hospital decided that surgery was our only option. On Friday 21 November 2014 at 2pm I pulled on my sexiest surgical stockings and let Dr Michael Lavrsen stick his hands inside my chest. The surgical team took out the membrane and widened my aorta, and I have the scar to prove it!  

It's stressful enough to plan a wedding when you're healthy - it's another thing to do it when you're recovering from open heart surgery. To celebrate life, love and my survival, we asked our wedding guests to give donations to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and E3 ward in lieu of gifts. I spent five days with some truly amazing healthcare assistants, nurses and doctors, and we raised £900 to repay them for all of their hard work and compassion."


If you require any posters, help with setting up Just Giving donation pages, or any charity merchandise for the day, please do contact the charity team on 023 8120 8881.

Southampton Hospital Charity will use your Special Occasion Gift in the area of greatest need. If you would prefer your gift to benefit a particular area of the hospital please let us know so that we can ensure that the donation is directed appropriately.

Call 023 8120 8881 to talk to us about marking a special occasion with a gift to Southampton Hospital Charity or post your donations to us at:
Southampton Hospital Charity
Mailpoint 135
Southampton General Hospital
SO16 6YD
(You do not need to use a stamp but it will save the Charity money if you do – thank you.)
Please remember to include your name and contact details so that we can write to thank you for your donation.