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7-16 September 2017: Great Wall of China

For a country with the biggest population in the world, China remains largely untouched by the West. Now is your opportunity to discover its hidden charms on our charity Great Wall of China Trek. If you have been dreaming of exploring China, then sign up to join us and trek the Great Wall of China on 7 - 16 September 2017 to raise money for a ward or department of your choice.

Contact Judith on 023 8120 8881 or for further details.


Challenge of a lifetime:

Stretching 6,000km across China, the Great Wall was built in the 5th Century BC. As it snakes across the mountains it conjures up a sense of history, although you can bet Genghis Khan never had it so good when he broke through the wall with his Mongol hordes! 

We follow old sections of the Great Wall, as well as restored sections with smooth flagstones and lots of steps including Heaven’s Ladder! Our trek is varied as we pass through woodland and terraced farmland, and follow the contours of the beautiful hills and mountains in remote areas north of Beijing. 

This challenge is physically demanding and offers fabulous scenery and a fascinating insight into a rich culture and the Chinese way of life.  A full day in Beijing plus celebratory meal will also await trekkers.




£349 registration fee plus £2,840 minimum sponsorship.*


How to book a place

Contact Judith on 023 8120 8881 or for full details and to receive a registration pack. 


At a glance

  • Full board (Food and accommodation bar three meals)
  • Flights (excl. Airline taxes)
  • Moderate fitness level will be needed
  • 25°C high
  • 10-25 per group
  • First aid trained staff


* The cost of the trip will be covered by registration fee plus £1,400 of sponsorship. The remaining £1,400 or more will represent a donation to Southampton Hospital Charity (10515430.

Challenge operated by Skyline Events (ATOL 10069) for Southampton Hospital Charity (Registered Charity No. 1051543).


Hear from tour guide Charlotte after returning from her first China trek:

"Without a shadow of a doubt the most soulful experience I've had in years with an amazing group of individuals who started off meek and mild at the airport as strangers, and ended up as friends for life and a tight force to be reckoned with. Challenging, thrilling, scary sheer drops, proud, historic, cultural, stunning scenery, local smiles and perhaps too many Chinese meals packed in for breakfast, lunch and supper. Egg is certainly off the menu for a while.

This was a jam packed experience that I simply couldn't recreate if I tried. Oh yes, and walking thousands of steps every day in 29 degree humid heat was not a walk in the park. Not by a very long Chinese mile!

Register your interest

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Fun facts about China:

  • The mortar used to bind the Great Wall’s stones was made with sticky rice!

  • China uses 45 billion chopsticks per year

  • The world's first paper money was created in China 1,400 years ago

  • The Forbidden City, a palace complex in Beijing, contains about 9,000 rooms

  • Put together, all of China’s railways lines could loop around earth twice!


Join us on the trip

So far we have eight people signed up to our China trek in 2017, but obviously it is the more the merrier! We will feature their stories below and on our social media sites as we get them, and already have a real mixture of areas within the hospital being supported.

Rachel and Donna

Rachel Funnell (Piam Brown ward coordinator) and Donna Parsons (Marketing and Communications Officer) from the Southampton Hospital Charity team are taking on the dizzying heights of the Great Wall of China to raise money for the Piam Brown (children’s cancer) ward at Southampton General Hospital. Rachel works up on the Piam Brown ward which is the happiest sad place in the hospital. It is a very special place: you step into a ward that you would never want to enter, and yet it becomes a place of safety and security, a place of hope.

If you cannot take part in the trek, but still want to get involved, then text PIAM55 £5 (or any amount) to 70070, or sponsor us at


Amber Bell

I've taken on the challenge of trekking the Great Wall of China (and heaps of other activities in the build up) to raise vital funds for the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Southampton General Hospital. Not only will this challenge push me to my physical limits and immerse me in a rich and historic culture, but it will allow me to pay something back to a ward that saved my Sister's life.

On Christmas Day 2008, my big sister (and best friend) was struck down by four cardiac arrests. She was not unhealthy. We had no prior occurrences of Cardiac illness in our family. And it was the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced in my life. I will never forget it.

Lara was taken to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Southampton General Hospital where we were told she was unlikely to come out of her coma. She was the age I am now - as a sister, nothing can prepare you for the prospect of losing one of the most important people in the world to you in that way. But thanks to the incredible work of the Cardiac ICU team (and Lara's fighting spirit!) she came out of the coma 6 days later and left the unit on the 7th day. She was fitted with an ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator) inside her chest and eventually came home.

I will forever be in debt to all the members of staff involved in Lara's recovery (not forgetting the incredible first response team!): I now even have the pleasure of working as a fundraiser for Southampton Hospital Charity, working every day to raise crucial funds for large scale appeals that will change the lives of individuals and their families that find themselves stepping through those hospital doors. For the next year, however, my personal endeavour is to raise at least £3000 for Cardiac ICU. It may be a small drop in the ocean, but it is a drop nonetheless. Sponsor Amber at


Margaret Fahey

I want to say thank you  to Southampton General Hospital as I set myself a challenge in the first year of my retirement. The surgeons at Wessex Neurological Centre successfully treated my mum and uncle giving them both those extra years. The neurologists and surgeons are treating many friends including six work colleagues and a neighbour. None of us know when we may need their expert care. Please sponsor me here:

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