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8-14 May 2017: What can you do?

Please think about writing or updating your will during National Dying Matters awareness week. Once you’ve looked after your family and friends please consider remembering Southampton Hospital Charity in your will. You don’t have to be wealthy to leave a worthwhile gift.

Any gift, no matter the size, is precious to Southampton Hospital Charity - it really will make a difference. Please visit this page for further information:


Dying Matters Awareness Week 

Southampton Hospital Charity is supporting national dying matters awareness week, 8-14 May 2017. This year, we ask What Can You Do? This aims to get people more active in planning for dying and death and helping support those who may need it in times of grief and bereavement, be they friends, family or in your wider community.

Dying Matters is a broad based and inclusive national coalition of 30,000 members, which aims to change public knowledge, attitudes and behaviours towards dying, death and bereavement.  


Helpful tips:

  • Mention their bereavement the first time you see someone. Many people are so uncomfortable talking about your loss they say nothing.
  • Practical offers can be more helpful than 'is there anything I can do?' For example, providing meals, helping with household chores or offering to look after children can be invaluable.
  • Go the extra mile to keep in regular contact and make a special effort to check in with people in the weeks and months after the funeral, as these can be some of the most difficult and loneliest times.
  • Be patient and try to resist the urge to fill every silence.
  • Do talk about and mention the person who has died - unless whoever has been bereaved has said that they don’t feel ready to talk about them.
  • Remember that certain times of the year such as birthdays, anniversaries of a death, Christmas and other holiday times and New Year may be especially difficult. Try to remember these times and send a card or drop people a line.
  • Phone people and invite them to join in social activities. Be understanding if they don’t want to join you, but continue to offer as at some stage they may be really grateful that you asked.


Find out more here:  


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